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The Eve-Online Training Academy is an Eve-Online information center. Eve-Online is an MMO (massively-multiplayer online) game. If you're entirely unfamiliar with Eve, head over here:


Basically, we teach players how to use the game interface; how to play safely (without constantly being killed by pirate players or pirating non-player characters--npc's); and the basics of each "profession" in Eve (how to mine, manufacture, mission and fight other players). We also have a links section for those desiring Higher Education.

If you're interested in seeing what corporations we recommend for new players, see the Contacts section.

For various Eve-Online guides written by our creator, including our "General Safety and Security Guide" and our "Introduction to JetCan Mining," see the Guides section of the site.

For various hints on how to make your Eve gameplay experience smoother, including tons of helpful links and tables, head to the Hints section.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope that this site fulfills all your Eve and Academy needs!

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