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Our Partner Corporations are corps who wish to be listed as Academy-recommended corporations for new Eve-Online players. These corps are not thoroughly evaluated, but they are somewhat screened and do accept (and are willing to train) completely new players!

Contact: Ziberious, Gloria Tousall, Lord Zugzwang
Member Count: 26
Headquarters: Nasreri
"St. Ives Compact is a Mining and Mission-Running Corp. We try to train new players and help them to their goals so they can enjoy the game as we enjoy helping new players."

Ascendent Inc.:
Contact: Alcestis Andromeda
Member Count: 2 (New Corp*)
HQ: Adacyne
"Looking for players who are interested in building a corp from the ground up, but not necessarily wanting it to become another day job. Looking for players from all over the globe."

Contact: Sammottram
Member Count: 14
HQ: Gulfonodi
URL: More Info
"Icthas are one of the Main industrial Corporations within the Dark Forces Alliance.
We are looking for miners, haulers, traders and PVP players to join our newly formed Security Fleet."

Contact: Johraiken Fenris, Evul Bob, or Eethrak
Member Count: 48
HQ: Unel
"Established Euro-based ship-building corp now recruiting miners and mission runners, new players welcome!"

* New Corporations sometimes have high-ranking and/or advanced positions and even Directorships available.



We have no graduates yet, as we are a brand new Academy. Eventually this section will recommend Eve players who are willing to take newbies "under their wing" and train them. If you wish to apply for this, contact Feral Karkassia!


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