Eve Hints and Higher Learning

This page is full of further resources for the new Eve player. It has a number of lists and tables that can be found on the biographies of many of the players on Eve. This is NOT original information, but has rather been categorized and set out here so you don't have to wait to run into one of these people in-game. This information can also change from time to time, so if anyone notices any mistakes, please bring it to the attention of Feral Karkassia (in-game or email).
The Higher Learning section near the bottom is a list of many outside websites with advanced guides, charts, tables, and other information, many on specialized Eve subjects, for players to consult.



Mission Types
Explanation: the NPC agents who give you missions will listed under one of these categories. The missions they give out will vary by type; for example an Internal Security agent will (as you can see below) give out 95% Kill missions (where you must fight NPCs) and 5% Courier missions (where you must transport items from station to station).

Administration: 50% Kill, 50% Courier
Advisory: 34% Kill, 66% Courier
Archives: 5% Kill, 90% Courier, 5% Trade
Astrosurveying: 40% Kill, 30% Courier, 25% Mining, 5% Trade
Command: 97% Kill, 3% Courier
Distribution: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Intelligence: 85% Kill, 15% Courier
Internal Security: 95% Kill, 5% Courier
Legal: 50% Kill, 50% Courier
Manufacturing: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Marketing: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Mining: 5% Kill, 85% Courier, 10% Mining
Production: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Public Relations: 34% Kill, 66% Courier
R&D;*: 0% Kill, 50% Courier(S), 50% Trade
Security: 90% Kill, 5% Courier, 5%Trade
Storage: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Surveillance: 95% Kill, 5% Courier

Complex Admittance
This list shows what size ship (and below) will be allowed into what level Complex. The level of the complex will be shown on the DED Threat Assessment (either on the StarMap when the DED filter is chosen, or on the Database Transmission when you warp to the deadspace complex). Therefore, on a level 3 deadspace (the 10 is there because 10 is the highest level), Cruisers and all ship classes below that will be admitted. Anything larger than a Cruiser will be turned away at the gate!
1/10 Frigate
2/10 Destroyer
3/10 Cruiser
4/10 Battle Cruiser
5/10 Battleship

Astronomical Units:
There are two different charts you'll find on the bios of passing players. Being bad at math, we haven't worked out which is correct; if anyone has a more exact list please e-mail (or EveMail) us. An AU is an astronomical unit, and is used both in travel and when using the scanner.
1 AU = 1.5x10^8 km
1 AU = 149.000.000 km
4 AU = 447.000.000 km

List Two:
150,000,000 = 1 AU
300,000,000 = 2 AU
450,000,000 = 3 AU
600,000,000 = 4 AU
750,000,000 = 5 AU
900,000,000 = 6 AU
1,050,000,000 = 7 AU
1,200,000,000 = 8 AU
1,350,000,000 = 9 AU
1,500,000,000 = 10 AU
1,650,000,000 = 11 AU
1,800,000,000 = 12 AU
1,950,000,000 = 13 AU

Security Rating Admittances:
As a player's security rating goes down (by committing illegal acts such as piracy), they will be allowed into fewer and fewer systems. If they enter systems in which they are not allowed, they will be fired upon.
The List:
-1.9 or better can enter any system
-2.0 or worse cannot enter 1.0 systems
-2.5 or worse cannot enter 0.9 systems
-3.0 or worse cannot enter 0.8 systems
-3.5 or worse cannot enter 0.7 systems
-4.0 or worse cannot enter 0.6 systems
-4.5 or worse cannot enter 0.5 systems
-5.0 or worse are considered outlaws (and will be fired upon by police npcs in any high-sec system).

Agent Standings Needed to Use:
This formula can be used to calculate what standing you need for a specific agent.


A=Agent level
Q=Quality of agent before skills
F=The effective corp, faction or personal standing needed to use the agent.

Damage Types to Fire on Enemies:
Angel - Explosive
Blood - Thermal
Drones - EM
Gurista - Kinetic
Mercenaries - Thermal
Mordus - Thermal & Kinetic
Sansha - EM & Thermal

Damage Types Dealt by NPCs
Amarr Navy - EM / Thermal Angel Cartel - All Types
Blood Raider - Thermal / EM
Caldari - Kinetic / Thermal
Gallente - Kinetic / Thermal
Guristas - Kinetic / Thermal
Minmatar Fleet - Thermal / Explosive
Mercenaries - Kinetic / Thermal / Explosive
Mordu's Legion - EM / Kinetic / Thermal
Rogue Drones - All Damage Types
Sansha's Nation - EM / Thermal
Serpentis - Kinetic / Thermal

Targeting systems
Minmatar - Ladar
Caldari - Gravimetric
Gallente - Magnetometric
Amarr - Radar

Agent Loyalty Point Rewards:
While missioning for NPC agents, you receive both loyalty points and standings increases. It USED to be that you would get periodic offers from your agents, as follows.
The OLD Agent Loyalty Point system provided:
1.5K - +1 Attribute Implants
9K - +2 Attribute Implants
10K - +3 Attribute Implants
15K - Special Connections Skill Books
100K - Navy Issue Frigates
250K - Navy Issue Cruisers
300K - Multiple +3 Attribute Implants
400K - +4 Attribute Implants
450K - +5 Attribute Implants
500K (+ rare tags) - Faction Battleships
600K - Pre-built Faction Battlships
Now, however, the system has been changed; now you can view and purchase rewards at will with your Loyalty Points using Eve's Loyalty Point Store (in-game). To view the possible rewards, dock up in a dock owned by the corporation with whom you have loyalty points, and click the button on the middle right for the Loyalty Point store. If you ever want to check to see with which corporations you have loyalty points, you can check your Journal (a small button on the left).

R & D Agent Information:
R & D means Research and Development. R & D agents can get you rare blueprint copies; more information follows.
R&D Corps: Boundless Creations, Carthum Conglomerate, Core Complexion, CreoDron, Duvolle Laboratories, Ishukone Corp, Kaalakiota Corp, Khanid Innovation, Lai Dai Corp, Nefantar Miner Assoc,, Roden Shipyards, Thukker Mix, Viziam

"R & D Agent Basics: Train Science V. Raise your faction standing with one of the corps listed above. Find an agent and train at least one level in a shared field/skill. Then sign on with him. Optionally, do his daily missions for an extra days worth of research points.
Research Points are basically exchanged for Data Cores, which are used in Invention (to help turn t1 blueprint copies into t2).
Rp's/day=(Agent's Skill Level + Your Skill Level in That Field) ^2 X (1 + Agent's Effective Quality/100)


Higher Learning:
Links for Further Education

"Official Eve-Online New Player Guide": This is, as you might have guessed, the Official Eve-Online New Player Guide. This has the basics of Eve gameplay, but lacks detail in some aspects. For more detailed information on certain subjects, such as the total description of Aggression Timers, check the links below.
"EVE Info": This great site has mineral and ore prices, agent information, and detailed information on every mission in the game. (It tries to keep up as new missions are added, but sometimes will fall just a little bit behind!)
"EVE [geek]": A cool site that has several charts and functions including ore and mineral calculaters, damage, and stacking math information.
"Grismar Wiki": Awesome site with detailed information on aggression flagging,the overview, jumpclones and advanced subjects such as POS operation. GrismarNetWiki works in-game!
"EVEMon": This is a downloadable tool that allows the user to plan their skilltraining in advance. EVEMon will even tell you when training a learning skill will save you time in your plan!
"Chepe Nolon's Agentpages": A wonderful resource for mission information among many other things.
"Faction Ship List": Coreli Corp's faction ship list. Ship popups ONLY work in-game!
"Tanking Calculator": Input the numbers and it does the math for you!
"Allabouteveonline.net": This site collects dozens of Eve-Online guides from all over the internet and publishes them as handy PDF files for easy reference.



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