This page is intended for players who are new to Eve and are looking for information on corporations, and for those interested in finding out what The Eve-Online Training Academy is all about.

In Eve, a corp is a group of players working toward the same goal(s). They may be an industrial corp producing ships, a mining corp harvesting asteroids, a PvP corp trying to fight for control of different areas of space, or they may be a mixture of things. Corporations can be small, with only a few members, or massive, with hundreds of members and offices all over Eve and many allies and enemies.

No matter what type or size, though, a good corporation trains new members that join--they give support, both in the way of training players in Eve and sometimes in giving financial support or offering reduced-price or free modules and ships. A good corp is friendly, willing to help you learn what it is you want to learn in Eve, and helping you succeed so you can help your corp in the long run. Most good corps will also have a website or at least a forum, and will be well-organized; a good PvP corp will use a voice server like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak.

A bad corp, on the other hand, will recruit "n00bs" to do their work for them, basically to be their mules until they realize they're being used, and leave.

Finding a suitable corp for yourself can be a difficult task. Although there are thousands of corps looking for members, many of which sit for hours in the Recruitment chat looking for new players to recruit, they are not all good matches for everyone!

First, ask yourself a few questions:

1. What do you want to do in Eve? Do you want to mine, or be a pirate, or do security or production? Or do you not know yet, and want to dabble? However you want to go, you'll need to find a corp that is willing to train you and work with you in your chosen field.

How active are you? You need to find a corp that fits your lifestyle. If gaming is your hobby and you're on half the day every day, you don't want a boring, inactive corp with a small membership. On the other hand, a Sunday-only player might not fit in with a super-active corp that's heading fast toward serious goals.

3. How serious/mature are you? Seriousness in Eve ranges from strict RP corps to goofy, unorganized gangs of people going out and shooting things. Most corps ask for a mature, serious membership, but have fun at the same time. A player who is 15 years old and likes dirty jokes won't fit in with the adult-minded corps who frown on that, while a rigidly RP-only type person won't at all like being in a corp of younger, carefree players.

4. Time Zone? This important but often-overlooked bit of info is very important. If you're in Japan, don't try to join a very active group of UK players--9 times out of 10 you'll quickly grow bored of an empty Corp chat channel, and have to start the search again.

Next, once you know what you want in Eve and out of your prospective corp, go into the chat channel Recruitment. There are usually several hundred people in there, and in general you can take your pick. Speak up, say what you're looking for; whether it's
"Hi, I'm a newbie from the UK looking for a fun corp to mess around with on weekends, willing to do whatever" or
"Hi, I'm a newbie in NY who wants to get into production, looking for a mature corp to help me out," you're guaranteed to get a quick response.

Take your time, now. Don't take the first person that comes along: get info, get an idea of what the corp is like, and pick which one will help you best reach your goals and that you're most likely to have fun with--because that's the one that's most likely to please you in the long run.
There is, of course, trouble with this. Most corporations will try their best to train new recruits but, for small corporations, it can be hard to find the time, and for large corps, newcomers often get lost in the shuffle. Often a corp will be so bent on recruiting new members that it will recruit too many to train, or recruit people who really don't fit into that corp. And the major problem is that a new player will often find themselves not being trained in their chosen field, or find themselves with corpmates who don't have the answers to their questions! This is of course not always what happens--it is not rare to manage to find a good, supportive corp right away that fits your needs, with some searching. But it isn't easy, either.

The Solution?

The Eve-Online Training Academy offers a new alternative to searching for your own corp and training yourself in Eve. We know it's easy to get lost in the very complex universe, and that trying to learn everything at once can be overwhelming. What we offer can be a great way to bypass this. On our Contacts page, you will find a list of corporations that are willing to work with brand-new players. Here, you can select a corp in the category that interests you, and they will train you as you go--and refer you to specific pages in this guide to help. It's also great if you have time to just read through the site, and of course this site is perfectly suitable for those who want to train themselves on Eve regardless of what corp they may be in.

Things you will learn by reading through our guides:
* We will teach you how to mine, including jettison-can mining in a group
* We will teach you many safety tips on how to mine safely, safe from ore thieves and pirates
* We will teach you how to travel safely through low-security space
* We will teach you how to create, copy, and use bookmarks and "instas"
* We will teach you how to use agents, what standings and agent quality mean, and how to run missions
* We will teach you the basics of player vs. player combat in Eve (PvP) including ships, modules, drones, ammunition and tactics, and we will play war games
* We will explain skill training to help new players understand attributes and skill-training and how to approach their skill-training
* We will teach you how to produce items from blueprints and blueprint copies
* We will teach you how to use your Scanner
* We will teach you how to stay safe during Wartime

...And many, many other parts of Eve. In addition, we have a page of links for those seeking Higher Education, and a page of hints and tables of the sort you'll see on random players' bios in Eve.
So do we fit your needs? If you'd prefer to learn slowly as you grow, you can search the Recruitment channel for the right corp for you, using the guidelines above. If you are a player who wants to train themselves as they go and be an appealing recruit for any corp, then this site is a good next step in your Eve path!

Please visit the Partner Corps section on our Contacts Page for a list of corporations willing to recruit and train new Eve players!

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